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Dollarama: Still Got It

  • Balance sheet continues to look good (Piotroski F-Score)
  • Profitability continues to be on an uptrend
  • Strong product mix and supply chain network
  • Kudos to its management for knowing how to grow the business
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WestJet: Cost Uncertainties Ahead

  • Its 2016 annual profits were weaker than 2015
  • The no frills discount airline plans for late 2017 is likely on hold
  • Pilot unionization will dramatically increase costs, eroding its competitive cost structure
  • Aircraft fuel prices has been increasing in the last 4 quarters
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Cineplex: Diversification Can Be A Boon

  • Cineplex financials remain strong despite being in a seasonal business.

  • Its diversification strategy is progressing.

  • Investors should continue to sit on the growing dividends while management continues to create value.

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