About Me

Hi,  My name is Sherif and I created this website to help others learn about passive investing (either through stocks, real estate, etc) – and everything else about investing.  I am on a journey towards financial freedom and I am a believer in working because you want to and not because you have to.  

I was featured by the Globe and Mail in their “Me and My Money” column, and I’m a frequent contributor for Seekingalpha.

I have always had a passion for analyzing stocks at an early age and I started reading about investing when I was 12 years old. I took this passion with me to university where I studied Economics and Accounting. 

I am not a financial adviser and the investments I write about are investments I have tried out myself, and decided it is worth sharing with everyone.  I am not perfect and I make the occasional investment mistakes.  But I truly believe that life is a learning process and if you are not making mistakes, you are not learning enough.

Why Investmadesense?  

I created this website for those who are struggling financially.  often I hear about people working the 9 to 5 all their lives and with almost nothing to show for it at the end, or those who can’t retire because they haven’t saved up enough.

My end goal for this website is to help others achieve financial freedom – whatever it may be.  Invest Made Sense.  It is as simple as that.