Excel (Investing Tools)
  • Tool to re-balance the couch portfolio, Click Here
  • Too to track your monthly expenses, Click Here
  • Tool to analyze cash flow of rental properties (condo), Click Here
  • Google spreadsheet to track market prices live (Not Available Yet)
Online Learning Resoures
Wall St. College

Wall St. College is an online learning tool that teaches students the basics of stock market investing. There are a total of 20 lessons to progress you from a beginner to an investor making your first online trade. Signing up also entitles you to a couple freebies as well. There is a two tier membership: Silver and Gold. The silver is $19.99 USD and the gold is $24.99 USD. I do receive a commission for each new sign up. I have also registered and went through this course myself. I recommend this course if you are completely new to investing. 

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Wall Street Survivor

Wall Street Survivor is also an online learning tool that teaches students everything from investing, options, bonds, mutual funds to learning how to save, and other life skills. I like this website because it also has an online stock market simulation game where you can invest in stocks with fake money. The courses here are more expensive than Wall St. College. The website charges $19.95 USD a month for full access to its courses. 

If you are new to investing, I do recommend using Wall St. College where it is cheaper and easier to follow

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